Ask Steve: Sexier Than Denzel?

An audience member has a huge crush on megastar Denzel Washington, what does this have to do with Steve?

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  1. Tyrone coward says:

    Dear Steve and the morning show crew first I’d like to say good morning. Steve this is for nephew Tommy. Tommy you have arrived brother and you didn’t need a reservation either. Your sheer enthusiasm and professionalism is at the top of your game. Steve the show was hilarious your nephew pulled it off. Me and my wife drove from Brooklyn New York to Newark New Jersey to see the show and it was well worth the trip. His selection of comics awesome. The Eugene segment hilarious . Tommy we both know what that preschool teacher did before she became a teacher,nuff said.

  2. Jason Capel says:

    My brother in law is a professor at Georgia State and has begun teaching a literature course on Kanye West. It’s gaining national recognition as an article was featured in Fader Magazine. Check it out! A young brother reaching and teaching kids the parallels between literature, poetry, and hip hop music and culture through the lens of one of our generations most profound and controversial figures in entertainment/culture. I appreciate your time.

    Jason M. Capel

  3. Good Morning Steve, this is a reply to your morning message. I think you are right on point. “If you are going somewhere, go ahead and get there!” You have my full attention. I am in school to earn credentials to open a preschool. I want to know if you have any help for writing a business plan. This is my 1st endeavor. I the mother of six, and I am excited, and thankful to have this opportunity.

  4. Yvonne Morilla says:

    Steve don’t know he hit me hard with that messages this morning I just begin to shout out thank Jesus I needed that I was sick and down but still up blessed working God sent that directly to me thank you thank you you can imagine how you touch my heart love you never miss nothing you have books show radio all your a gift

  5. Frances Hendrick says:

    Distant Lover by Marvin Gaye was right on time. That one should always be on repeat. Thanks You!!!!

  6. Karen says:

    Hello Steve and your production family. Thanks for being a breath of fresh air for TV viewers. Here’s a suggestion: you should consider taking your TV show and your Neighborhood Awards on the road to a venue near a few of your radio show locations during the summer. I feel strongly that regional viewers & listeners would fill the Gaylord Convention Ctr, DC Convention Ctr or the Verizon Ctr. I know you probably have a sweet partnership with Disney and in Atlanta so my suggestion would not matter. But prayerfully consider to explore the opportunity.
    Thanks for writing your latest book. I’m halfway through it after downloading yesterday! I’m putting my fear aside and made the suggestion. Be blessed and I’m certain to see you soon.

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