Just Ed With Ed Gordon

Check out all the interviews from Ed Gordon’s ‘Just Ed’ Segment on The Steve Harvey Morning Show.

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  1. Thanks for your movement to handle our community crisis across this great nation as only you can, Steve, building excellence and responsibility through your 6 am daily messages, books and now the Radical Success Conferences!
    Let the haters, hate I see that it inspires you to greater heights!
    See you in D.C.

  2. It’s true every race needs to do what is necessary to take care of their family; however, If you have a race (i.e., African Americans (Blacks) who continually are being put in jail by the thousands (due to the “War on Drugs”) and are given a record (felon(s) that keeps them from getting jobs, housing, employment; an education (at first it was just their race); how do you expect them to give back. Other races get sent to a facility to help them improve; while the AA male suffers with a record for the same crime. It is true that AA males should not make babies, if they can’t take care of them. Thus, so should a like of other races. There are more white people on welfare then any other race. These politicians, including President Obama and you, Ed Gordon, should stop using AAs as a tool to get election and do the right thing; tell the whole truth.

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