Subject: I love my husband but he doesn’t love himself

Good morning Steve and Shirley my husband and I have been married for nine years.  He and I both have diabetes.  I have juvenile diabetes and he has type 2, along with hypertension.  Since I was born with the illness, I have managed to take care of myself, my husband is 44 years old and he is set in his ways.  He was just hospitalized for having a blood pressure of 201 over 186 which could include a stroke.  When I met my husband he drank and ate everything that was unhealthy.  I tried to explain he has to change his habits of he wants to be here on this earth.  We have an 8-year-old son and it hurts him to see his father ill.  I feel I can’t change him, but I love him.  I say he doesn’t love himself because he is not trying to change his bad habits to make his health better.  The drinking is a serious issue.  Because every day after work the bar is his main attraction. I am getting to the point that I will walk out because I do not want to take care of a man that is not willing to better himself for the good of the family.  I love myself so I take of my health.  Why should I suffer in taking care of a man that can’t seem to love himself?  Would I be wrong if I left him?  The drinking is a big issue for me, because when he drinks he is mentally and physically abusive.  He is like a drug addict and I know our vows are for better or worse.  We are at our worse and I am ready to leave for the sake of my sanity and our son.  Will he get better if I leave or is it possible that he will get worse?  Am I wrong for making this decision because I am extremely tired?  Sincerely, I love my husband but he doesn’t love himself.

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  1. Wanda says:

    Please, you know you need to leave, and take your child. That is not a role model for one of our male children.
    In regards to the alcohol, only he can make the decision to stop. You can continue to be supportive but you don’t have to be there. If he can get a grip on the alcohol, the diabetes will be next. First and foremost protect yourself. Loving and supportive if fine, just make sure its done at a safe distance.

  2. He has something much deeper going on and feel he need counseling. If you attend a good Bible Base church he needs to seek counselor, God can fix everything given the chance.

  3. The moment our intuition is optomized to moralize human health and diet we are faced with the plagued dilemma of food for taste or food to life. Toxic food addiction is toxic self destruction, a slow suicide intrinsic to a related depression. Dyes, sugar, and other poisons along with and abusive alcoholic is not a combination for a healthy or productive life-style. At the moment of consciousness be not deceived by the arrow of confusion. “get an insurance policy ASAP”. In time you will have some peace of mind about his timely demise…

  4. Tim Kirkem says:

    If you have done all you can to try to convince your husband that he needs to change for the sake of his health, and he won’t heed your advice, then it may be time for you to do what’s best for you and your son. More importantly, the mental and physical abuse is unacceptable and should make your decision easier.

  5. This Man needs deep Counselor, Godly Counsel

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