Subject: I Want to Stay Clean

Good Morning Steve and Shirley,

I am a 39-year-old grandmother and ex drug addict.  I started getting high at age 8 by drinking and it progressed throughout my life with weed, cocaine, heroine and many other things.  Through the grace of God, I do not have any diseases.  Over a year ago I joined Narcotics Anonymous and I have been clean and will not take away the blessing God has given me another chance at a clean life.  I met my man about 3 months into being clean and he was clean as well.  He is 49 years old, smart and handsome. We became best of friends and then we became a committed couple and we got an apartment together.  Two weeks after we got the apartment, he got high.  I found him at another woman’s house, he was there all weekend getting high and who knows what else.  I left him, then I took him back.  He has relapsed several times and disappeared for a day or two at a time.  Why do I feel bad that I dumped him?  I will not take him back, but I want him though, I love him, but I don’t understand why my heart won’t let him go!  Am I stuck on stupid?  Or maybe because I know what it’s like to want to stop getting high, but can’t.  I stopped getting high, so why can he?  I refuse to let him treat me like dirt anymore.  Did I mention that he beat me once?  Please share some advice!  Thank you clean and serene

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  1. Good Morning Y’all! Stupid is as stupid does! Ma’am you just said you stopped getting high, you met a man, y’all moved TOGETHER UNMARRIED, then he relapsed stayed at another women’s house doing God knows, you dumped him but now you want him back!!!??!?!! WHAT KIND OF JANGO CANDY FANTASY LAND IS THIS!!! This is a simplicity at it’s best! Leave him alone and continue to be clean and wait for the man GOD has made for you!!! Leave the BAMMAS alone…Best Wishes!!!

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