Subject: She’s checked out of the marriage

Dear Steve and Shirley, I have been married to my wife for almost two years. We dated two years before we got married. Before we got married, there were a lot of signs telling me not to marry her, but I felt as though I was saving her from a horrible past relationship… She was engaged when we met. Long story short, all of the things she did to him when we started dating, she is doing to me now. She sleeps in a chair most of the time, she doesn’t pick up her phone when I call her, she lies about going to work and where she has to be and it usually takes her an hour and a half to get home from work, which is only a 20 minute ride. And she is so consumed with Facebook. I cook and wash clothes and I still give her gifts and roses often. Nothing works for me.  When I confront her about entertaining other guys, she fires back at me with, “I wish I was messing with somebody else!” I really think she has moved on. Should I continue to tolerate this horrible marriage? I love her, but I’m not sure I’m in love with her anymore.  What should I do?

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