Subject: Sleepy loving

Dear Steve and Shirley, I am a 27 year-old married woman. My wonderful husband is 31 years old. We have an amazing sex life, but here’s the problem… He’s a sleep walker, a sleep talker, and a sleep sexer. Now the sleep sex is AMAZING! It’s 10 times more intense and could go on for as long as 3 hours. The thing is, he never remembers the next morning and he asks questions like “Why am I naked?” when he wakes up. I must confess that for some of these sleep sex sessions, I might have accidentally slipped him some Nyquil in his juice before bedtime. Now I’ve become addicted to the sleep sex. Should I confess to my husband about the Nyquil and his performance while he’s sleep, or should I let it go? Should I even go as far as to confess that I enjoy his sleep sex over his regular sex? I need your advice.

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  1. I DON'T HAND HOLD says:

    Shut up an enjoy! Hell you just bragging! I ain’t mad at cha, we’ll maybe a little.

  2. Monty says:

    On one hand I’m thinking don’t mess up a good thing w/the sleep sex. Yet on the other hand I think you should tell him whats been going on. But you should not get upset if he slips up and says something in his sleep talk you don’t like, since you have been deceiving/drugging him w/Nyquil.

  3. Warren NC says:

    To the writer if there in more intensity while your man is sleep there is something totally wrong mentally with your husband. Get him a psych evaluation just incase there is a brain issue. People don’t just sleep walk there is normally some neurological issue behind the activity. Next thing is are you yourself more nasty when this activity is going on? It could you are not totally open during normal sexual situations and that can trigger changes in a partners approach.

  4. Vicki says:

    It’s called Sexomnia. It’s a medical disorder and can become dangerous.

  5. Girl you better stop that Nyquil mess before you mess up that man’s liver. Would you like for him to do that to you? Stop giving him the Nyquil and do not tell him you slipped him some to put him to sleep. You want him to be able to trust what you give him to eat and drink, and lay next to you at night without sleeping with one eye open. You then should tell him about his sleep walking and sexing. A sleep study specialist (the folks that help sleep apnea patients) can lead y’all in the right direction, and hopefully his sleep sex can eventually be incorporated into to his awake sex. Tell him how good he is in his sleep, but do not tell him that you prefer his sleep sex over the awake sex with him.

  6. Alan says:

    Dear letter writer, Do you know what’s really amazing about this crazy letter? If your husband had done something like this to you? You would’ve been so pissed off. Question? Could your husband do something like this to you? If he could and there’s no problem with him doing this to you without your knowledge and it’s okay for him to do this then what you’re doing is not wrong. If he can’t do this without your knowledge then you’re wrong. You already know you would not only have been pissed off but you would’ve called him every name in the book except a child of God and would’ve told everyone what he did most especially your girlfriends. You might’ve even called the police and would’ve had him arrested and put him in jail. If you don’t believe what you’re doing is wrong then something is most definitely qrong with you and you need to get you some very very serious psychiatric help

  7. Buckley212 says:

    This sounds like some nonsense a famous comedian is on trial for right now. If this comedian is committing a crime then you are clearly committing a crime. You and hubby are on a slippery slope. Good luck to you both, he will need it dealing with you.

  8. Carole Ann says:

    Your focus is on the wrong issue.

    You’re excited about SEX when he’s asleep, but you should be focused on how he’s so active when he’s SLEEPING.

    Get him to a PROFESSIONAL who specializes in this matter instead of deceiving him to make yourself feel better. Nyquil could make things worse.

    If the SEX is 10 times good when he’s sleeping, who is he REALLY having sex with.

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